Why every business should use e-Commerce

Changing landscape

The world learnt a lot in 2020, we learnt to expect the unexpected. A global pandemic shook the foundations of businesses around the world, many businesses could not cope with the new pressures of local lockdowns and self-isolation and had to close, this is really sad news and possibly avoidable, in times like these your business needs to pivot, make full use of what is available and leverage it. There are multiple ways technology can help us to grow our businesses online, from automating business functions and repetitive tasks and through to e-Commerce.

What can e-commerce do for my business?

e-commerce allows your business to send and receive payments without a middleman, it is a hassle-free way to trade with people from all around the world. e-commerce also allows businesses to sell their products in bulk or individually depending on what you feel suits your business best.

In this article, we will discuss why every business should use e-commerce. e-commerce is a great way to increase your revenue because it makes it easy for customers to buy from you and not have to leave the safety of their homes. It also provides people with more convenience than ever before!
There are multiple ways technology can help us to grow our businesses online, from automating business functions and repetitive tasks and through to e-Commerce.

But does it apply to my business?

And you might think this doesn’t apply to your business, sometimes it’s not immediately obvious what your business could do on e-commerce, we have helped many businesses like yours cross this hurdle. For example salons, coffee shops, and arcades. You could be forgiven for thinking you need physical customers. Sell products to customers stuck at home, you probably upsell them in the store, right? hair products, coffee beans, mugs, LED lights? you can do this online too. Capture emails and re-target long after that new haircut has been given or that latte macchiato has been devoured.

Still not convinced? Here are the main reasons your business should have an e-commerce store.


1)  Increase revenue

Your business will have increased revenue simply by being on e-commerce, this is because it provides a new market your current customers couldn’t access before.


2) The barrier to entry is low

You don’t need much experience, knowledge, or expensive equipment to run your e-commerce store. You probably have everything you need to get started already.


3) You can sell your products in multiple locations

e-commerce allows you to manage the whole process from a single dashboard. This makes it easy for people to buy from you no matter where they are located, which means increased revenue!

4) More convenience for your customers

e-commerce allows you to sell your products without people having to leave their homes. There are also many other great features on e-commerce platforms that will help boost sales!


5) More options for your customers

It’s not always possible to put everything you would like to sell on display, especially if you have a small location. But with an online store there are so many options, the items can be in storage out of sight or they could even be with the supplier still and be shipped when you receive an order.


6) you can put yourself in front of your customers

It would be difficult to get 2000 people to visit your business right? In the traditional physical sense, yes, but if you have an e-commerce presence there are many ways to drive traffic to you, when you broaden your horizons from just your local area to everyone online, getting 2000 visitors is suddenly a drop in ocean.


We hope this article has given you some ideas about what e-commerce can do for your business, and why every business should use e-commerce. We have built many different e-commerce platforms for many different types of business, from high converting single product landing pages to huge multi product stores, speak to us to find out more and start your e-commerce journey today.

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