Removing bottlenecks

If your website or application is slow or clunky, eliminating bottlenecks can be of huge benefit to you and your users.

With proven results, trimming 0.3 seconds off your website loading speeding = 1% profit increase meaning HUGE revenue potential for websites that under-perform. Our 'make it run faster service' initially looks at your website, making recommendations to help improve performance, security and underlying systems boosting your customer's experience.

If the recommendations are appealing to the business, we offer a complimentary set of services to implement them. Recommendations will cover and review:

  • CDN and SSL Utilization
  • Alleviate domain blocking
  • Page & image compression
  • Markup validity
  • Cache utilization
  • Database review (if appropriate)
  • Application interrogation**

App Interrogation

One Off

  • PDF of recommendations
  • Face-to-face meeting
  • 1 month Support
  • Technology walk-through

Our detailed review PDF will contain recommendations to implement on your web application to help boost speed and recommendations.

In some circumstances, we will need access to the code behind the application to provide additional information.

** We will interrogate applications running a particular set of languages. Please get in contact to discuss further.