Lookin' smart, [email protected]

If you operate a business but don't require a digital presence, that doesn't mean you don't need smart looking email.

It's often the case that non-internet savvy business owners will look to have a '@gmail', '@hotmail', '@btinternet' email address as their main business email address on the side of their van - doesn't look or sound great when trying to attract business.

Garbott offer a quick and simple service to help you move away from the '@gmail' and '@hotmail' email address to a '@mybusinessname.com' email address.

  • Safe and secure in the cloud
  • Plenty of storage for 1000's of emails
  • We'll help you manage it
  • Anti Spam and Anti Virus
  • Docs, Calendar, Tasks, Notes & Contacts

Set me up

One Off

Using the Zoho email service, you can be safe in the knowledge your emails and documents are secure, available 24/7 and easily available by desktop or mobile.

With easy integration into software such as Outlook, Windows Mail or Apple Mail, it means you don't have to change anything.

Q & A

Can you import my current emails?

This will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We make no promise this is possible, but upon inspection of the current technology, it might be possible.

What if I need more storage?

No Problem, the Zoho email platform allows for easy up-scaling of storage. Just ask and we'll arrange it for you.

I need lots of emails setup?

No Problem, Zoho offer ample capsity for mail accounts and unlimited distribution lists, meaning you can have as many email addresses as you can think of.

** Registered domain required ** - We require a domain to be registered by you to set up this service. We recommend GoDaddy as the domain registrar. If you'd like us to do this for you, just contact us

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