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Our mission and values

We will help 1,000 websites achieve zero second downtime in 2018

Currently in 2018, we have helped 684 websites of our 1,000 target

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What we believe and what we stand for

Honest & open

We will and strive to be honest and open with clients, partners, suppliers, vendors and staff — no matter how difficult it may be.


No gaffs or lies, no smoke and mirrors. Who you speak to, what you hear and what you see is who we are.

Exceptional in speed and quality

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional hosting, making sure that the speed of sites we look after is better than okay.

Always available & online

As well as providing exceptional, we want to make sure that websites are ALWAYS online, no matter the traffic levels.

Passionate in heart and mind

We do what we love - if we don't do it or offer it — it's because we're not passionate about it.

Smart & simple

Although we offer what appear to be very complicated solutions - we try to keep them simple. If it's not simple, we don't do it.

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If our values align with yours
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