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Service hosting

Service hosting

Help simplify your workload by taking advantage of our service hosting experience. We offer a wide array of service hosting platforms to best suit your desires. We’re experienced in areas from WordPress to E-commerce websites as well as app hosting - so you can be confident you’re in the most capable hands.

WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is where all the technical aspects of running a WordPress website is managed by the host, such as updates, security, speed checks, backups and website uptime, to name a handful.

The purpose of managed WordPress hosting is to offer a simple and straightforward experience - so you can focus your efforts into running your business and spending time doing what you are best at.

One of the benefits to managed WordPress hosting is the premium support we provide. You can trust our experience and knowledge to manage your website, opposed to having to rely on yourself.

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Brochure website hosting

You may be familiar with brochure websites. Think of your local restaurant/takeaway, they most likely use the brochure format. This is because it is simple, pleasing on the eye and rather easy to read.

The idea behind a brochure website is to portray information to the audience, just like your standard paper brochure. Audiences aren’t going to spend a massive amount of time on a website of this format, so it’s best to keep things visually attractive and simple.

Ideally, once the consumer has “finished” with the website, they are then going to take further action, such as calling the business or getting in touch with them via other means.

A strongly constructed brochure website can become a powerful tool in promoting your business, whilst also being very cost-effective.

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E-commerce website hosting

We are all familiar with e-commerce websites, any site on the internet where you purchase a product or service will more than likely have some element of e-commerce hosting involved.

We can offer e-commerce services that include web page design, financial transactions, customer ordering process, as well as inventory management tools.

With e-commerce hosting, you can expand your business, whilst also growing an online presence.

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App hosting

A hosted app is a software as a service solution that enables the consumer to operate or execute a piece of software solely from the cloud or a subscription base.

There are multiple benefits to app hosting, such as:

  • Affordability
  • Low risk
  • Easy-to-access
  • Simple integration
  • Support network

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Email hosting

Everybody uses email in today’s digital age, most people probably receive more emails than actual physical post through their letterbox.

Email hosting is simply a service that runs email servers – nothing too complicated about that.

If you own a domain name but require an email address that includes that domain name, you are going to need to sign up for an email hosting service. Using a professional and dedicated email hosting service will grant you the peace of mind to allow you to focus on your business, all whilst the hosting provider manages your email service.

Our professional email hosting service is extremely affordable. It eliminates the need for in-house email services and IT teams to manage those email servers.

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