Did you know you can sell your Experiences, Packages and Digital Products using e-commerce?

Some of the businesses we work with don’t always start as e-commerce customers, we may be automating some back-office functions, streamlining existing processes, or developing bespoke applications and websites. But during the course of understanding the business and how we can help it, we often ask about e-commerce and sometimes the answer is along the lines of “our product’s are not really online products” or “we provide a service so e-commerce won’t work for us” and we get it, on the face of it this conclusion can be obvious, but if you just probe a little deeper you learn that e-commerce is more than just an amazon style shopping experience.

So what can e-commerce do for your business?

Just because your business is conducted at a physical location such as a spa treatment, clay pigeon shooting, camping, or guided hillwalking and trail running. You can still sell these via e-commerce including an online store or social marketplace. Show your customers all the available experiences and sell access to the experience digitally before they even arrive. Or perhaps your businesses are about expert nutritionists and personal trainers, you can package your expertise into digital products such as plans and books which customers around the world can benefit from without a physical session.

You can also use e-commerce to package your products and experiences, you can easily bundle different experiences together and share them on social media and through an online e-commerce store, this helps you cross-sell and upsell multiple experiences that normally your customers might not have visibility of.

The other part of e-commerce that is not always obvious is being able to communicate with customers. Turn a visitor into a customer with a promotional offer. Keep existing customers coming back with a loyalty scheme. Generate more sales with newsletters and special offers as you build up your database of potential and existing customers.

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    We hope this article has given you some food for thought if you were previously unsure about selling experiences, packages, and digital products online. We can help with all of this and more, get in touch, and let’s discuss how e-commerce can help your business grow.

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